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Hi, My name is  Happy Ali, the author of "The Charisma Within." I am aster Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, with a degree in Psychology.  I can’t wait to help you uncover the best version of yourself as you let go of the past, see the world with new eyes, and live your best life!


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA

Certified Master NLP Practitioner

 Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified TIME Technique Practitioner 

Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique



After a near death experience in 1995, I began my spiritual journey and discovered the secret to living a happy and fulfilled life. But I understood that in a world of science, spirituality was just a part of the puzzle, so I decided to get my degree in Psychology to gain a greater understanding of the human psyche.  Yet, it was not until losing my four-year-old son in 2014, that I decided to not only reclaim my joy but to fulfill my destiny of helping others overcome inner and outer obstacles that prevent from living their best possible version of life.  

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"I can't begin to thank you for showing me what I was missing! I love the new me! You are the best!"

-Kam T.

"Before I began to work with Happy, I thought happiness was a myth! I had no idea that it was not only possible but within my reach."

-Lisa B

"I never thought that I could learn to love my husband again! I thought our marriage was not only over but beyond repair.  In less than three months, my marriage has turned around. I am forever grateful!"

-Jennifer S