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Client Statement

 I have sufficient information about coaching and have agreed to undertake 12 sessions, initially to address key issues in my life.

I am committed to taking positive action in order to make improvements in my life, and to meeting the goals I identify as necessary to do this. I am committed to being as open and honest as necessary in order to work with my coach towards achieving my goals. I will make every effort to remain positive about what I have and what I will achieve.


Agreed fees will be paid in advance, and unless agreed beforehand, will not be    refunded. If I need to rearrange any appointments, l will ensure that I give a 24    hour notice. Requests made with less than a 24 hr notice will incur the full cost of the session.


Ground Rules


1. As the client I understand that I am fully responsible for the decisions and     choices reached during the coaching sessions.

2. I  understand  that  the  coach  may  use various techniques  during  the coaching  sessions,  and that the coach is competent in the use of such techniques. If at any time I feel uncomfortable with any process, exercise, or idea, I will inform my coach immediately. My coach is here to make me feel comfortable and if at any time I feel as if I being pushed too far out of my comfort    zone, it is my responsibility to inform my coach.

3. I  understand  that  “coaching”  is  a  relationship  I  have  with  my  coach  that  is   designed  to  facilitate  the development of personal or professional goals and    develop a plan/strategy for achieving those goals.

4. I understand that coaching is a comprehensive process, which may involve all    areas of my life including work, family, health, relationships, education and    recreation. I acknowledge that deciding how to handle any issues is my     responsibility.

5. I  understand  that  coaching is  not  a  substitute  for  counseling,  mental  health   care,  or  substance  abuse treatment.

6. I promise to inform my coach if I am currently in any kind of therapy and that any medical or therapeutic practitioners involved in my care have been advised of my  intention to work with a coach.

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Jenna Michaels